Google Drive

A cloud-based storage platform to sync business and personal files across multiple devices.


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Google Drive provides cloud storage and synchronization features for the masses. The platform allows users to store and synchronize their files with ease. Also, Drive allows users to share their files with strict control over viewing permissions. Cloud storage continues to grow in popularity and provides versatility for all types of users. Is Google Drive worth adopting and using for cloud storage, though?

Created By Google For Consumers and Business Users Alike

Currently, Google Drive exists as both a web interface and a standalone program. The standalone version provides access to offline file management. It's compatible with Windows PCs, macOS, and even smartphone operating systems. Nonetheless, most users will access Drive from the web, which provides access to all files storage on the platform. Google caters to all types of users from consumers to businesses here.

A Simple Design With Countless Storage Possibilities

After launching Google Drive, users are greeted with a simple user interface. The web app displays important folders and a list of recently uploaded files. Navigation couldn't be easier, and most of the app's design features are intuitive. Plus, users can store any file type of their choosing on the platform and access files from anywhere. Drive is flexible for all and powerful enough to manage thousands upon thousands of files.

Access On The Move In A Seamless Manner

Once files are uploaded to Google Drive, they exist in the cloud. Users with proper access can download these files in seconds. They need an internet connection and nothing more to download such files. Therefore, a user's location doesn't matter when it comes to using Drive. Cloud storage is always on and always accessible to file owners and those with access permissions.

Ample Storage For Free; More Available For A Fee

Google Drive includes 15GB of free cloud storage by default. This allotment can be used to store everything from spreadsheets to PDFs and photos to videos. However, more storage space is accessible through the Google One subscription program. Most consumers won't need to purchase additional storage. Business users will find ample storage options at a reasonable cost for each tier.

The Verdict On Google Drive

Google Drive remains one of the most safe and secure cloud storage platforms. Likewise, the platform is quite flexible and available on almost any operating system. File management and access couldn't be easier. Sharing features make it simple to send a given file to someone else anywhere on the planet. In the end, Google Drive comes with ample strengths and features but very few, if any, downsides.


  • 15GB of free storage included by default
  • A simple but versatile platform for cloud storage
  • Users can store/backup any and all file types with ease
  • Excellent sharing features


  • Some may consider the subscription fee for more storage somewhat pricey
  • Users may have issues with Google's privacy policy and practices
  • Competitors offer more features and may cost less money in certain cases

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. File Sharing
  2. Device Syncing- File Storage
  3. Performance and Reliability- File Storage

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Storage Limits- File Storage
  2. Storage Zones
  3. Change Tracking / Audit Logs
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